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Online vs In-Class Instruction

Last week, during my visit to the University of Maryland for my presentation on “The Academic Life,” I met Ryan Sochol, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who has interesting data regarding the merits of online versus in-class instruction. Here’s the story: Ryan teaches an upper level undergraduate subject on Additive Manufacturing. Because of room-size limits,… Read More »

The Large Lecture

The large lecture has been the default standard of university education for eons, not only for reasons of efficiency but also, when the lecturer is particularly skilled, for the sheer drama of the delivery, a source of entertainment as well as enlightenment. The lecture is not, however, the best place for peer-to-peer or two-way student-to-teacher… Read More »

Small Class Settings

Small class settings allow most of the advantages of one-on-one conversation to be realized and offer an important enrichment, but there are important caveats as well. By ‘small’ I mean seminar-sized: a class setting in which the participants can be seated so as to see one another and, over time, in which each participant knows… Read More »