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A listing of the blog posts that comprise something of my academic memoir, with emphasis on how and where I developed my ideas about teaching and the role of live conversation in education. One-on-One Tutoring – 5/25/15 Written Homework Helps – 5/31/15 Advising Freshmen – 6/4/15 From Physics PhD to Assistant Professor – 6/8/15 My… Read More »

Online vs In-Class Instruction

Last week, during my visit to the University of Maryland for my presentation on “The Academic Life,” I met Ryan Sochol, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who has interesting data regarding the merits of online versus in-class instruction. Here’s the story: Ryan teaches an upper level undergraduate subject on Additive Manufacturing. Because of room-size limits,… Read More »

Video Presence

There is a tempest of development and marketing activity these days around what I would call video presence. It goes by various nicknames: virtual classroom, video conferencing, e-learning. A web search, for example, on any of these three subjects will turn up dozens of companies that will happily sell you systems for gathering remote web… Read More »