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A listing of the blog posts that comprise something of my academic memoir, with emphasis on how and where I developed my ideas about teaching and the role of live conversation in education. One-on-One Tutoring – 5/25/15 Written Homework Helps – 5/31/15 Advising Freshmen – 6/4/15 From Physics PhD to Assistant Professor – 6/8/15 My… Read More »

Another Video Conferencing Case Study

If online learning is ever going to supplant live teacher-student conversation, its best implementation is likely to build on video conferencing technology. In my last post, I reported on one video conferencing case study, an entrepreneur’s experience (I called him ‘K’) in using video conferencing as part of the integration of his start-up into a… Read More »

Video Conferencing is not a Panacea

The question for today is whether access to excellent two-way video conferencing technology can replace personal face-to-face communication. While my focus is usually on educational contexts, I decided to reach out to a local entrepreneur who recently sold his start-up company to a large Scandinavian corporation to see how he used video conferencing to support… Read More »