Another Video Conferencing Case Study

If online learning is ever going to supplant live teacher-student conversation, its best implementation is likely to build on video conferencing technology. In my last post, I reported on one video conferencing case study, an entrepreneur’s experience (I called him ‘K’) in using video conferencing as part of the integration of his start-up into a… Read More »

Video Conferencing is not a Panacea

The question for today is whether access to excellent two-way video conferencing technology can replace personal face-to-face communication. While my focus is usually on educational contexts, I decided to reach out to a local entrepreneur who recently sold his start-up company to a large Scandinavian corporation to see how he used video conferencing to support… Read More »

Video Presence

There is a tempest of development and marketing activity these days around what I would call video presence. It goes by various nicknames: virtual classroom, video conferencing, e-learning. A web search, for example, on any of these three subjects will turn up dozens of companies that will happily sell you systems for gathering remote web… Read More »