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Online vs In-Class Instruction

Last week, during my visit to the University of Maryland for my presentation on “The Academic Life,” I met Ryan Sochol, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who has interesting data regarding the merits of online versus in-class instruction. Here’s the story: Ryan teaches an upper level undergraduate subject on Additive Manufacturing. Because of room-size limits,… Read More »

The Weakness of the Online Lecture

It’s finally time for me to address the weakness of the online lecture. In my last few posts, I have focused on educational environments with live teachers, the gold standard being one-on-one tutoring, which provides the maximum opportunity for student-teacher engagement in a joint learning activity, thoroughly focused on and dynamically responsive to that individual… Read More »

Language Use Settings

There are many possible language use settings, some spoken, others written, some personal and intimate, others less so. Herbert Clark, in his book Using Language has an organized way of thinking about them, which I describe herewith*: At the top of his list is the oral personal setting, a face-to-face conversation. This setting has a… Read More »